Ezlo Atom - Is the USB adapter doing everything, or does it turn the computer into the "hub"?

I have been wondering if it was possible to let a small mini PC do the computing of the Vera/Ezlo’s activities, vs the limited computing power of all of these little hubs. I don’t know if this will boost performance any, but it would at least dramatically increase the amount of available memory and storage (you’d never have issues with cache and other things building up and clogging everything).

So then I thought about the Ezlo Atom, USB option. Is that functioning as the whole hub when it comes to processing, or is it just a Z-Wave/Zigbee antenna (like a USB Wi-Fi adapter), allowing the PC to do all the work? If it is the latter, I can set up a small mini PC with Linux to run as the hub/brain for everything, with that as a the rabbit ear that allows everything to talk to it (like the Aeotec stick: https://amzn.to/2zC82KP). It would be nice to pull this off, but keeping to the same UI/software.

Just a thought. When I have thoughts, I find it helpful to share. It may go nowhere, or it may turn into a much better thought :slight_smile:

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Cue OpenLuup, have a look at that section under the plugin categories. Quite a few users have been running OpenLuup using Zway and have great success with stability and reliability. I personally haven’t made the jump yet but im sure many members can chime in!

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