Ezlo support for finer Fibaro device functions?

So obviously Fibaro are one of the main Z-Wave players out there along with the likes of Aeotec and Everspring, especially here in the EU.

Are we going to see support for the finer functions of some of these Fibaro modules?

I am thinking specifically about the Fibaro Dimmer 2 insert module and scene activation.

All my light wall switches are using 3 position momentary / retractive switches. If you don’t know what that means? The default position of the light switch is in the middle.

If you press up to turn on a light after your finger let’s go the switch does not remain in the up position, it returns to the centre position.

Likewise if you press down on the light switch to turn off a light, it does not remain in the down position after being pressed and released it returns to the middle.

The reason we use these type of switches is for several reasons. It allows dimming up at the wall switch by holding up to dim up or by holding down to dim down.

It also allows for double clicks up or down. Or triple clicks down to activate scenes.

Vera natively never supported this and I had to use the 3rd party PLEG logic engine to be able to monitor for double or triple clicks of the light switch to then run a scene or even control another none physically connected light load in another area or room.

Apparently it could also be done with some Lua startup trickery in Vera UI7 also.

Blog post here about Fibaro Dimmer 2 setup in Vera, don’t think I covered scene activation in that.

So can we expect to see Ezlo platform support for “Scene activation” on Fibaro modules such as the Dimmer 2 and Roller Shutter modules?

How about native support for the Fibaro RGBW modules inbuilt lighting animations for LED strips?

Again Vera never natively supported these and we have to rely on the 3rd party RGB Controller plugin to expose these animation features in to Vera.

The Fibaro RGBW module has 5 predefined animations or programs they are called:

  • Fireplace
  • Storm
  • Rainbow
  • Aurora
  • LAPD

Blog post how this was setup and configured here.

All my ceiling lights, window coverings and relay switch modules and some of my LED strips are all Fibaro so quite important.

My other RGBW LED strips are Philips Hue Zigbee ZLL 3.0 controllers.

Which leads to another question we can expect to see native Ezlo support for the Philips Hue Bridge? as we have now with the Vera’s Philips Hue 2 plugin or via the 3rd party Alt Hue plugin.

I dont necessarily need to see direct support where the Philips Hue Zigbee Light devices can be paired directly to the Ezlo hub instead of with the Hue Bridge, but support for controlling the Hue lights paired to the Hue Bridge via the Philips Hue API as we have now is fine.

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