Fabrio dimmer 2 2way switch


Wondering if there is a way to wire this 2way setup to a double dimmer.
See attached.
sorry for poor drawing and sorry if its somewhere else already

I’ve been pondering similar.

I assume your switches are in different places? In that case, why would you use a double dimmer? Just a single switch should make it toggle (although I’m not 100% sure on this) but I can’t see how you could make it dim unless it simply works out the box.
Also, I suspect that the status on Vera will not (often) match the actual status of the light.

Or I could be smoking it :frowning:

Hi Catman

Yeah switches are 6m apart and control lights in the lounge. This is why we would like to be able to dim them for movie watching etc. if there is no way to make it work then we may have to go for just and on off function. Hopefully some brainier people on here will have an answer :slight_smile:


You can connect to a dimmer on the main switch and use a battery paddle switch on the second location and associate that to the dimmer device. Not sure if you can do that second using a fibaro dimmer without connecting it to a load. You should ask them if that can be done.

Cheers Rene

Simple answer is get a controller like a ZRC-90 or some kind keyfob device.


Unfortunately, I haven’t found a Zwave product that has a battery powered switch that can be mounted on a Jbox (and still be to code). If you want to go z-wave put normal dimmer on the source switch, remove the secondary switch wire one of the two wires to the light, cap the other and cover jbox with a blank. Then use a product like the Eaton/Cooper RF9500 and stick it next to the blank (You use direct association to allow this batter powered switch to power on/off and dim the the main z-wave switch).

If you want something that mounts directly over the old switch, I used the Caseta Switch with Pico Remote. Does the same as what I described above, but with a cleaner finish. Unfortunately Vera doesn’t support the Caseta Line, you will nee a Wink Hub or Caseta Hub and either use a plug in or IFTTT to coorediante them.

is the wiring in conduit and can you pull in extra wires?
is thre a permanant live at the light fitting?
when you sat double dimmer can you give device and model?

it would be possible with 1 dimmer insert and 1 other and no extra wiring needed, the devices would have to work with no neutral and associate both devices.

Any dimmer as havent bought any yet. there are spare wires in the loop.
tell me more

You need to find the live that feeds the first switch. It is probably at the back of the light fitting. You can then put the dimming insert in the light fitting. Cut this wire at light fitting and put live side into live of insert. Put the other wire that goes to the switch in the external switch terminal of insert. Put the wire that goes to the other switch in other external switch terminal. Attach neutral and then from switch live of insert connect this to light fitting. Then change switches to momentary for better fuctionallity

Hi @Jesse_Holmes, it would help people suggest how you could wire in a dimmer if you could show all the spare wires and which locations they run between as it does not seem possible to install a dimmer with some form of direct control (i.e. physical switches) with just the wires you have shown in the diagram in your original post.

Various configuration diagrams for using fibaro dimmers can be found at https://www.vesternet.com/pages/fibaro-help-guides-tutorials-and-tips-tricks - make sure that you look at the diagrams for the dimmer 2 modules as the wiring requirements for fibaro’s original dimmers were quite different.

Also note that the link above is to a UK suppliers website and that the diagrams reflect UK wiring practice and so may not reflect wiring practice/standards where you are.

Also on the same suppliers website is some information on using an aeotec nano dimmer which appears to have similar wiring requirements to a fibaro dimmer 2. One of the information pages deals with the changes to get from the configuration you currently have to ones with a dimmer module including showing where additional wires are needed. https://www.vesternet.com/pages/apnt-160-alternate-2-way-lighting-circuit-using-the-aeotec-nano-dimmer. You will need to confirm that these wiring diagrams are applicable to using a fibaro 2 dimmer module. All of these diagrams for aeotec nano dimmers are based on “2 wire” installations, i.e. no direct neutral connection to the dimmer module. If if is possible to get direct neutral and live connections to the dimmer module then there are other wiring configurations may give an better control for lower lighting loads or reduce the need for a bypass.

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Thanks Mark I think this will work perfectly.

Thanks again everyone

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