Fibaro Double Switch (FGS-223) Lag


I have about 5 FGS223 switches and all have the same problem: There’s a noticeable lag when turning any of their switches on\off - The switch is usually activated immediately but right after that vera is not responding for a few seconds and if I try activating another switch during that time it will wait until the previous operation completes.
Anyone else also encountering this issue? Is this a known issue? Any solution?



Yes a few of us are having a number of issues with them - a significant lag recognising a change, sometimes it even times out and then turns it back off again, etc.

Vera are aware of it, but from what I’ve seen they are insanely slow with supporting hardware let alone fixing issues like this. Horrific when you think this should be a quick and easy fix.

So be sure to create a support ticket so they know yet another person is suffering this - they can manage at their end collating them and hopefully get a fix out there quickly as it is really quite painful :frowning:



Thanks. I created a ticket and am really hoping this will be fixed soon… :-\



don’t hold your breath.

I updated my ticket and they told me that it’s under investigation. they’re still not sure what’s causing this weir behavior (hint: it’s some misinterpretation from the zwave commands, from vera or fibaro) and they’ve no ETA ATM.

overall I like these devices and my Vera, but if things do not improve quickly, I’ll need to find an alternate route. Since I invested in 20 FGS 223, Vera is the best candidate to be swapped out…



Same boat - I have a FGS-223 behind every single wall switch so Vera is the cheapest, simplest, and of course the culprit to go if it comes to that



Same here. I wish I knew about these issues before buying these switches, but definitely Vera would be the easiest to replace (not only in terms of price).
Any alternatives you guys are looking at?



I have the same problem. delays and inconsistent behavior of the Fibaro Double Switch 2 Gen5 with Vera Plus. I am also considering replacing the Vera Plus.



I wrote back to my ticket asking for an update and they advised they are still working on it. Doesn’t sound like anything is coming soon as they suggested remoting in and downgrading my firmware!?!

What a nightmare - day to day it’s simply a pain in the butt having them act this way, but overall it causes all sorts of issues with my HomeKit integration (that depends upon instant response, and Vera takes 5-10 seconds to work out what the devil it is doing with these Fibaro devices) and various scenes keep malfunctioning.

Again, horrifies me all the Z-Wave vendors boast that Z-Wave is a standard that enables anything to work with anything… and yet the reality is you couldn’t possibly find a bigger train wreck of compatibility issues.



Same issue here, what do you guys plan to replace Vera with if you do?

Does HC2 have lag issues? might be worth few hundred more for a fast system if mainly using FGS-223

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The same issue. Also I have aeotec wallmount quad… it is pain to enable one channel and second channel… have to wait 5-8 seconds :smiley:



Forgot to mention the other day, that Vera finally gave me an update. They say they have identified the issue causing the Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Fibaro Dual Switch 2 to have major lags/failures, and are working on a fix for it.

However they say it will be included in a “bigger firmware update”.

I wasn’t able to get better clarification on what a “bigger” firmware update is - so I can only cross my fingers it is the next firmware release as this issue is not only causing major delays, but often causes scenes to fail.



Next beta firmware announced and no mentions at all :sleepy:



FFS >:(



Just an update, i have been using the GOAP double and much faster with instant update and readings out of the box.

If anyone is looking for a better alternative



Unfortunately I have Fibaro modules throughout my entire house - if Vera won’t fix this anytime soon I’d just dump it and go HC2.



FGS223 has been around for quite a while. Vera was very late in supporting them. We have just installed about 22 FGS-223 devices devices and the response is unacceptable. Is there a workaround for this?



I have 19 of the Fibaro Dual Switch 2 FGS-223 and 5 of the Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGB-212.

My entire family is totally sick to death of the immense lag, the IMMENSE problems it causes with scenes, and sometimes lights even turning back off after turning on or even lights turning back on a while after being turned off.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I can hold out defecting to the HC2 - it’ll cost me a bit but this whole situation is a huge kick in the nuts - 1) This situation shouldn’t even be possible given the whole claim that Z-Wave’s advantage is anything works with anything, 2) If Vera’s claim that they’ve found and fixed the problem is true, yet want to deliberately wait 12 months to release it, they could at least offer to remote in and manually patch those of us with a crippled setup.



Same here, I replaced one of my Gen1 double switches with FGS-223, to get the double/triple click events, but the delays with scenes are really not acceptable. :-
Does anyone have experience with these switches in HomeSeer?



Well I’ve come home to an absolute mouthful tonight.

When my wife came home in the afternoon the scene that controls turning power back on to all sorts of appliances, opening the blinds, turning the brightness up on lights, etc COMPLETELY failed. She was basically stuffed and is LIVID with me.

She’s fed up with turning on a light and it turning back off again a short while later because Vera was too confused about what the hell it was doing with recognising whether it was on or not.

She’s fed up with the dimming going friggen spastic because our Siri integration doesn’t understand why the hell Vera doesn’t respond to the dimming command within, you know, an eternity for a computer like 10 or so seconds…

She’s fed up with walking down a corridor and the friggen lights coming up 10 seconds after she has already walked all the way down it and gone into another room.

She’s sick of scenes that half execute, or today didn’t even execute, because Vera gets all confused about whether it has or hasn’t turned a light on or off or changed a dim level.

She’s sick of the whole bloody thing for one bloody reason - Vera sitting there all confused about Fibaro Double Switch and Fibaro Dimmer command executions and therefore stuffing everything up.

So naturally I’m very pissed off right now…

And Almighty yes, ironically, a mate of mine went HomeSeer and has like me gone all out with Fibaro devices. He doesn’t have a single complaint.



I’ve sent a reply to my ticket asking if there’s any chance I can perhaps get a beta copy of the revised driver for the Fibaro Dual Switch 2 and Fibaro Dimmer 2 - I’m pretty desperate at this stage as Vera is tearing my setup into the ground , my alternative will be to just splash out on the HC2 as that will slot straight into everything I have already bought (including Siri integration).