Garage Door Module Help Please

That one will work on your garage light.

ok just need someone to help with where to connect the two wires for that now :wink: thanks for the manual

switch across live and l1
and live to light on q1.
you could add another switch and light if you wished as that one is 2 channel

Mmmm but there is only two wires to the switch

the qubino goes where the fibaro is. Not in the switch at the light.

Sorry I dont get that…the Fibaro was installed in the switch on the wall with the two wires in it and a additional wire between two connections on the fibaro


Will continue on other thread as more appropriate

I have this setup with my garage door, using a Fibaro FGS 222 (very similar to the qubino mentioned here). Basically, as in the diagram, the circuits are separated, so you can feed 220/240 to L/N to power the device, and have a button on a very complete different circuit/load, as in the picture. If you put a relay between, you can do that with FGS 223/FGRS222 (roller shutter module), I did in a couple of situation where I had funky loads to switch and no FGS 222 available.

thank you

Ok just finished the garage door setup, works a treat!

Thank you


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