Get Reactor into scene section

Hello. Is there any Way of getting all the reactors to go under Vera scenesection? You Don’t want them amung devices since you have to scroll so Much the iPhone app when you have allt of devices and reactors. / Mattias

wrong post sorry

Don’t understand what your Link has to do with my question.

I just want to be able to save a reactor in a scene section insted of room . The best would be an own Reactor section…/ Mattias

Reactor (sensors) are part of a 3e party “plugin” and indeed represented as “devices” (more “sensors” actually)
The “Scenes” section within the UI5/UI7 is part of the product itself.
Only EZlo/Vera could rework the whole GUI-part so that the Scenes section could accommodate such, I don’t think a plugin-developer can do that by himself.

Two things here.

One way to handle a bunch of devices you don’t want to look at (often) is to create a room with a name that sorts high alphabetically, so it ends up at the end of the list of rooms, and then put those devices in it. For example, I have a group called “Virtual Devices” where I put the Reactor master device, my Rachio sprinkler plugin, my SiteSensor instances for weather and Internet health checks, etc.

The other thing is that if you have a large number of ReactorSensors, you probably are not taking advantage of condition groups and group activities. Using condition groups lets you combine the logic of several ReactorSensors into one, thus requiring fewer ReactorSensors. I group mine by room by default: one ReactorSensor per room that handles all the work for that room. I have additional ReactorSensors in my Virtual Devices “room” for generic functions used by many or all of the rooms (the room RS’s can use a “group state” condition to check the day/night RS in the Virtual Sensors room). In one case, my home theater, I have one additional RS just to manage the AV system, in partnership with the room RS to manage lighting and other things.

My usage as well. One RS in each room for lighting and one for the rest (if needed). I also have some in the room called “z-apartment” in the end :slight_smile:

Thank you very muchfor all answers! After playing with Reactor for a while i see that its Nice to have one Reactor in every room like you Said.

Reactor i really a very powerful tool!

Respect to @rigpapa! Super greit work! You are Vera!!!

I am just one of many community developers who have made this ecosystem shine, and look forward to continuing to do so, and more. For myself, I appreciate all of the community users who give us ideas, participate in testing, and come up with challenges we might never ourselves conceive. It’s never dull around here!

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