GoControl WAPIRZ-1 did not add temperature sensor

Hi I have few of this devices. Previously, when i add device, it automatically adds a motion sensor and a temperature sensor. However, i recently had a problem with one of the devices such that i had to unpair and add new device again. Unfortunately, after configuration, it only created the motion sensor device without the temperature sensor device. Please help on how to add the temperature device.

Seeking help from the forum as it has already taken a while and havent received a response from customer support.

to those who may have a similar concern in the future, my temporary solution is to install the app - additional temperature device while waiting for vera support. so far works. it will initially have minimal polling but it will work ok with more intervals after a day. i will update again here when i hear from vera support

Works now after help from Customer Service. Seems the memory cleanup made it work. to do it, run the following codes (shared from customer service)

os.execute(“rm -rf /overlay/etc/cmh/ergy_cache_paired_devices.conf”)
os.execute(“rm -rf /storage/etc/cmh/ergy_cache_paired_devices.conf”)
os.execute(“rm /storage/cmh-logs/")
os.execute("rm /storage/cmh-firmware/mios
os.execute(“rm /overlay//cmh-firmware/mios*”)
os.execute(“rm /storage/cmh-backup/*”)

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