Goodbye old Vera Forum - Honouring the Top Posters!

Being a Vera customer for a while now (owning overtime a Vera 2, Vera 3, Vera Lite & VeraPlus) i was a prolific forum poster early on, and I was so grateful for all the help and advice that I was given. I’m no where near as active as I was, but it’s great to know many of the community are still around and still helping out.

So while it was sad to see the old forum close - it’s great to see that we now have a more modern forum tool/format.

Looking back at some of the metrics from within the old forum - I was amazed to see myself sitting towards the top of the Posters list, surrounded by so many familiar names and influencers in getting Vera out to the masses.

The only reason I bought my first Vera was because of that original community of contributors (and to this day my Vera 3 is still running, connected to my DSC alarm, where it’s running the CurrectCost Energy plugin, with numerous Virtual Switches and many lua code/Pleg automations :smile: )

To everyone on the list below - I want to say a huge Thank You !!


Oh my name is on the list as well. :grin:

Still getting use to the new forum platform, can’t decide if I like it or not yet.

Personally I’m not that impressed. There are far better platforms for users around (IMHO)


yeah but there are far worse… cough ubnt cough

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Smartthings uses the same thing but gives nothing custom like dark mode. Makes me truly appreciate this version.

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