Google Home on VERA 7.30 question

Don’t know if this is the correct place for this thread, if not, please move it to the correct place and let me know.

I saw the new app Google Home in my VERA Edge after upgrading to 7.30, and I also found a series of webpages with help about how to integrate Vera defined devices and scenes in Google Home to be able to control devices and scenes from the Google Home.

My question is: Is there any way that we can instruct Google Home device to take some action (play music, play a radio station, etc.) from Vera, from a particular Vera scene, for instance? The idea would be to have it working as an alarm clock or to simulate presence at home? (and the same for switching off what it is playing, of course.

In other words, to have Vera scenes (or Vera app in the smartphone) acting as the words “OK Google, play rock music” or “OK Google stop”.


Second (and maybe more basic) question. Should the names of the “house” the same in both the VERA controller and the Google Home app in the smartphone?

I followed the process found in the help pages and I was not able to control the devices from the Google Home app. I discovered that the “home” names are different in both sites. So, that’s my question, Have they to be the same for doing the full connection and integration?


say “ok google sync my devices”

@Tarkus , thanks, it worked!.. Now I have to change the (Spanish) names of some of my devices for a better understanding by Google Home :wink:

Anyway, still my first question, is any way to automate the control of the Google Home device (play on/play off for instance) from the VERA?

Thanks again


Yes your first question addresses somthing I would be interested in as well, unfortunatly I do not think it is something that has been implemented.

Thanks, I hope that, after they will solve all the troubles 7.30 is having with Vera Plus and Secure, some one will have a look to this point and hopefully will work on it.


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