Grouping Lightwave Devices


I’ve only recently started to set up my system so this may be a simple question but is it possible to group a number of Lightwave devices together?

I’m fitting gen 1 dimmers and would like to create a group for lights in each room so I can control on/off together as well as independently. Thanks for any guidance on this!

Many have done this many different ways. For my exterior lights - 2 dimmers and a switch - I created a virtual switch (VS) and use PLEG for the logic. You can use native Scenes or Reactor instead of PLEG. When I turn manually on/off the VS, it turns on/off those 3 switches. Logic further turns on/off that VS depending on sunset/sunrise and sky conditions. One of the lights dims at midnight and restores to 100% at 6am. One of the lights is controlled by a door sensor, going on when a door is opened. So what you are looking to do can be done either simply or with complex logic. I suggest you start simple, try a few things, and as you learn you can add complexity.

Thanks very much for the advice, that’s given me an idea where to start so I’ll have a look into learning PLEG and creating virtual switches!

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