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I understand how to use Vera for my connected devices (eg setup a scene etc) but want to do a bit more. First I want to “understand” the devices. Can someone point me to a manual/tutorial (or whatever) on devices and its variables, parameters? As soon as I understand these , i can go on with LUA etc…
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You may have already seen these pages on the wiki:
They may not be of much help. The wiki is often out of date, incomplete, and sometimes even wrong. Sadly if you have a specific problem you’ll often have to search this community site or post a question to get a good answer.

Device manufacturer’s documentation ranges from non-existent to reasonably decent—you can search the forum or go the vendor’s website.

When you’re ready:

Try Programming in Lua.

Then Lua 5.1 Reference Manual for the full details.

Thanks guys…that’ll help me for sure :+1:

As part of an ongoing and very much background effort to write a framework/shell for basic plugins, I wrote some documentation you may find helpful:

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