Homeseer HS-FLS-100

So this device is a Zwave+ outdoor PIR that is designed to be attached to a dumb flood lamp to remotely control it. It is similar to the HS-MS100+ as far as how Vera discovers it (show us as a generic IO and a lux “meter”. Has anyone sucessfully been able to add this so that Vera sees a switch and motion object? FWIW Everspring sells the same item but it called a ES160-1 PIR…

I have some luck changing the generic object from how Vera discovered it:

category_num: 11
subcategory_num: 0

category_num: 3
subcategory_num: 0

And it changed from generic-io to a light - and it works and changes status when the PIR turns the light on or off. In case someone thought I knew what I was doing I just copied the configuration of another Zwave binary light. I would still like to have a motion device that would update when the PIR detects motion…


Please note that we have created a trouble ticket for you. As soon as you have time, please reply.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

I have installed the same flood light sensor and am having the same issue. I would be happy if I could just use it as an on off switch without motion, has there been any progress in getting this to work as it should with a vera controller? If not is there any way to disable the motion and just use it as a simple on/off switch? I’m fairly new to this and any help would be great.

Any update on resolving this issue. I would also like to use the sensor as an on/off via my vera app.

Anyone able to get this to work?

I have one paired, and it came up as the generic IO device. I changed settings (as noted in the Amazon Reviews by Nicholas M. on March 18, 2019:
Device type to: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:MotionSensor:1
Device file to: D_MotionSensor1.xml
Device_json to: D_MotionSensor1.json
Category_num to: 4
Subcategory_num to: 3

Did the engine reload and all I have are the Lux sensor and motion sensor. I would expect there to also be a binary switch.

Any ideas/suggestions/pointers?