Homewave cameras and secure connection

I bought a new Amcrest Shield camera. The camera requires you to login in to their page. One time and it?s done. The problem is, even if you pass the user and pass through the ip, it still brings up the login page. Loging in brings the mpeg or jpeg up, but there?s no way to bypass that login.

Given this, is it possible to direct connect with homewave? I have. It had any luck trying the various settings.

Thank you,

If you connect to the camera and get the image, does the browser show the full URL to that image (something ending in /image.php or /image.cgi or some such?)
If it does, try visiting that URL directly. If you get a browser popup prompting you to login, you should be able to log in directly from HomeWave as well.

Have a look at this post for the direct access URL: https://amcrest.com/forum/technical-discussion-f3/http-web-url-for-remote-viewing-t2868.html
If that works in the browser, it should work in HomeWave (which supports MJPEG streams).

I have 2 Amcrest cameras though none of them are Shields, and they work with HomeWave directly.

Thank you for the response. I spoke with Amcrest support and they require you to log in to see the stream. It will no longer accept the user/pass in the URL. I ended up buying BlueIris. I hate the extra software but its working well.

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