Homewave iOS 14 iPad compatibility

I’ve been playing around with iOS 14 Beta and homewave seems to have stopped working. Any others having similar issues?

I upgraded my iPad to the released PadOS14.0 today and I have the same problem.
Homewave crashes on launch every time. Apple must have changed something that breaks Homewave.

@intveltr is this something you can take a look at?


thankfully, and weirdly, it works fine on the iPhone with the new iOS.

Thank’s for that information, then I know that it should work when I get to it and upgrade my iPhone. The iPhone is more important for me, but hopefully we can get an update to fix it on the iPad as well. I use it quite a bit there also.


I can confirm that Homewave does work on iPhone with the released iOS 14.0. I tested by upgrading an iPhone X and it seems to work as it should.

On iPad with iPadOS 14.0 it does however crash every time you try to start it. I suspect that Apple has changed something in iPadOS vs iOS that breaks Homewave on the iPad.
Hopefully @intveltr can release a fix for this in the very near future.

Homewave is according to me the best dashboard by far for Vera and OpenLuup.


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