Homewave iOS 14 iPad compatibility

I’ve been playing around with iOS 14 Beta and homewave seems to have stopped working. Any others having similar issues?

I upgraded my iPad to the released PadOS14.0 today and I have the same problem.
Homewave crashes on launch every time. Apple must have changed something that breaks Homewave.

@intveltr is this something you can take a look at?


thankfully, and weirdly, it works fine on the iPhone with the new iOS.

Thank’s for that information, then I know that it should work when I get to it and upgrade my iPhone. The iPhone is more important for me, but hopefully we can get an update to fix it on the iPad as well. I use it quite a bit there also.


I can confirm that Homewave does work on iPhone with the released iOS 14.0. I tested by upgrading an iPhone X and it seems to work as it should.

On iPad with iPadOS 14.0 it does however crash every time you try to start it. I suspect that Apple has changed something in iPadOS vs iOS that breaks Homewave on the iPad.
Hopefully @intveltr can release a fix for this in the very near future.

Homewave is according to me the best dashboard by far for Vera and OpenLuup.


Yup. I had thought there was some issue with Homewave and Shortcuts, but it’s just Homewave and iPadOS 14.*. Can’t even really launch the app…immedidate crash. iPhone fine.


There are more people with this same issue. I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, the crash does not occur on the simulator, and none of my iPads are modern enough to run 14.1. Next step is to add someone as a beta tester so I can get a stack dump from their iPad.

Piling on—same problem on iPadOS 14. Works fine on iPhone.

@intveltr nice to hear that you are working on the problem. Let us know if and when you need any of us to help you with the testing. :smiley:

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Same problem on iPad mini, glad to hear it works on iPhone

I just downloaded the latest update from AppStore, version 2.16 and can report that it seems to work fine on my iPad running iPadOS 14.0.1.
I have also briefly tested it on an iPhone running iOS 14.0 and another iPhone running iOS 13.7 and it works on both.

Great work and excellent support as always by @intveltr
Many thanks. :smiley:


Working great here as well. Thank you for your hard work!

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I have just downloaded this App which is currently the only available solution for a customized solution for other home members to use Vera. it presents a very good approach but seems to “enjoy” poor maintenance (the entire ecosystem of Vera is continuously suffering from the fact that it is mainly based on open code with very low remuneration for the developers resulting with low reliability - the “promising” fact that Vera was acquired by another company is so far very disappointing…).

To the chase of the matter here and my inquiry - I do not see that this App is working when not connected to wifi - it will not identify any device. it could well be that I have missed a setup instructions as to how to define that. I’m also not clear on some functionalities that are not covered (at least I did not find…) such as the “link” icon or what is is happening when you press the wifi icon and the meaning of it becoming red. it will be a great shame if this does not work on cellular.

Will appreciate any help / clarifications / link to some additional info other then the site which was not updated in the last seven years (very frustrating this entire Vera world!).


Homewave does work without problems outside you local network, e.g. when you are on cellular on another wifi network.

Make sure that you have filled in your correct Mios credentials in settings\Vera and then it should also connect when you are outside the network where the Vera is connected.

I have had this working both for an old VeraLite on UI5 and a Vera Plus with UI7 for years.

A side note to remember is that Homewave also works very well for OpenLuup, however in this particular case you need a vpn connection to your home network to connect. I use this to connect to my OpenLuup installation.


I can confirm the above response. Homewave is working great for me inside and outside my network. Thanks for fixing it!

Thank you both for responding - it is working well now.

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