Honeywell Lyric (MIOS) keeps updating my device #

So I’m not sure if this is caused by the official Honeywell Lyric plugin updating itself, but I have had it replace the previous Thermostat device multiple times in the past few months.

Because I get a new device number each time, it breaks my automation that drives my Honeywell controlled Split System.

I’ve disabled auto-update as of today but I’m getting a little annoyed as this is the 3rd time I’ve recently stumbled across my Reactor logic showing a big yellow exclamation mark (indicating something has broken in that logic sensor).

Hi there, the device creation at every engine reload is most probably caused by something.

Please see our customer Care team - they should be able to see what’s causing this.

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Ok I’ll do that when I get home to Australia (in the USA for work atm).

So far support have not been overly useful and their only suggestion is to turn off auto-update (which does seem to have triggered at least one device # change).

And now I have a new issue, I get this error in the dashboard:

Cool setpoint value cannot be lower than Heat setpoint ( 22 )!

I mean really, wtf is wrong with this plugin? facepalm

The Honeywell app does not care so why does the Vera plugin???

Ok my patience has officially expired, I just ordered a remotec zxt-600 zwave controller to replace it.

I think I’ll do the same with my nests too but use the actual zwave thermostats remotec sell.

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