How To: Apple HomeKit integration on MacOS (iMac)


How to integrate Vera with Apple HomeKit using VeraLink running on MacOS

I found it to be fairly easy to get HomeKit working with Vera by using VeraLink. Despite the readme claiming no support for dimmer switches and that device status isn’t reported correctly, I’ve found both of those things and everything else I’ve tried work perfectly.

The Setup

  • An old Apple iMac running the latest version of MacOS - High Sierra
  • VeraPlus, latest firmware, UI7
  • VeraLink aka homebridge-Vera on github


  1. On the Mac start the Terminal application.
  2. Run npm once to install it and Xcode tools. To do so, type: sudo npm and follow the on-screen prompts
  3. Install node-gyp. Type: sudo npm i node-gyp
  4. Install homebridge. Type: sudo npm i -g --unsafe-perm homebridge
  5. Install VeraLink. Type: sudo npm i -g homebridge-vera
  6. Create or edit the config.json file. I did this by typing: vi .homebridge/config.json
    Mine looks like this:
    “bridge”: {
    “name”: “Homebridge”,
    “pin”: “987-65-432”,
    “username”: “CC:22:3D:E3:CE:30”
    “platforms”: [
    “platform”: “Vera”,
    “name”: “Vera”,
    “veraIP”: “”,
    “includesensor”: false,
    “securitypoll”: 2000,
    “includethermostat”: false,
    “includeRGB”: false,
    “houseModes”: false

Obviously you’ll want to change the “pin” and “veraIP” at the least. There are other parameters though I didn’t take the time to set them (see the github page linked above).

  1. Test it by running homebridge from the command line via Terminal. Type: homebridge
    To quit the app press CTRL-C
  2. Once you’ve tested it and everything is working, set it so the Terminal will run homebridge every time it’s launched. Go to the Terminal finder menu, then to Preferences. Under Profiles, click the Shell tab. Tick the box next to “Run command” and type homebridge in the textbox. Leave Run inside shell ticked.
  3. Set Terminal to run at login. Go to System Preferences, then Users & Groups. Click Login Items and add Terminal.


Hi guys,

I am writing a plugin for Homebridge.

Checkout homebride-bvera and let me know what you think!

The git repository is a bit outdated but I’ve uploaded to npm recently.



Hi Bertin, would you tell me more about your plug-in? What led you to create it? How is it different from similar plug-ins previously available? I’d be willing to try it.