How to view hidden devices

I’ve been getting some (lots) of alerts from a device that runs one of my lights. It’s a Fibaro FGS221 which has previously worked fine for a couple of years.
It responds every time a command is sent, but Lua still claims that it’s not responding to polls. I seem to recall that when I initially added it, there were additional ‘ghost’ devices which were ‘removed’ by Vera support. Learnings on here seem to indicate that ‘removed’ in this context actually means ‘hidden’ and I therefore wonder if it was one of those devices that is actually screwing around.

So is there any way I can see hidden devices? Is this likely to be the issue?



Also i hide some devices in the past. Recently i wanted to check them so i generated a device list by using some luup code:

local file ="/www/devlist.txt", “w”)
file:write("[DeviceNo / id] device names on " … … “\n”)
local idx = {}
for deviceNo in pairs(luup.devices) do
idx[#idx+1] = deviceNo
table.sort (idx)
for _,deviceNo in ipairs(idx) do
d = luup.devices[deviceNo]
file:write(string.format(’[%03d / %s] %s \n’, deviceNo,, d.description))

You can then view the device list by going to: http://IP-vera/devlist.txt

Then un-hide the devices with: luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“0”,device-id)

I am sure there are other ways but this worked for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!


Or you can install ALTUI, which has all of that (and much more) built-in.

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Ahhh yes. Ta