IFTTT integration

I am a long-time Vera user. I am also an IFTTT user. It seems that Vera will never integrate IFTTT

Based on my usage it would be really useful. Anybody else would find it useful?

Is there any demand for IFTTT and Vera integration?

Thinking of making my own solution, maybe even a commercial product if there is an interest.

Its been in beta for nearly 2 years , so i think you are right that it will never be integrated. There are a couple of work arounds in this thread Vera & IFTTT integration - it can be done today! .

I’m using work arounds, but an official integration would be nice to help work with other ecosystems.

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Universally agreed by all. IFTTT integration would be totes amazeballs.

However, the beta on this started more than 2 years ago, and today mum’s still the word, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Even those of us with infinite patience have kinda given up waiting.

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