Imperfection with z-wave TRV?


At the moment I have for my central heating:

Honeywell Evohome.

It consists of a control unit (with display) and a TRV per radiator.

I’m considering replacing it by a z-wave solution.

Question 1)

I’m wondering whether I will be degrading the intelligence of my configuration…


For the current system:

  • when a radiator is opened, the controller will know it and it will react by activating the heating device (burning gas). In only a few minutes.

  • when a radiator is closed, the controller will consider the requests from all the other radiators and react by adjusting the heating level (gas flow). In only a few minutes.

For the z-wave system:

I couldn’t find information if it will be as smart as described for the current system. It seems all solutions work by the heating system looking at its return temperature and reacting on that. So it will take more time for a cold room to start heating up than in the Honeywell Evohome solution?

(if hot water is supplied publicly in your neighborhood, the intelligence described will not be necessary)

Question 2)

Will the z-wave configuration indeed be like the following?

z-wave TRVs and a standard thermostat in the living room. And will the temperature reading of the TRVS in the living room conflict with the standard thermostat? (Standard thermostat will be necessary for the central gas burning device.)

Can anyone tell me?

Thanks in advance.

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