Inovelli Zwave 2 Outlet NZW37 Issue

I have had this discontinued device for just over a year and noticed oddities. It is supposed to control 2 outlets individually. This works great on a large bookshelf with lamps on each end. The weird thing is if I turn on the right outlet only, that works perfectly. If I try turning on the left side only, the right side will also pop on shortly after. Doesn’t matter if I use Alexa or the Vera app. I can then turn off the right side and the left will stay on. The Vera app correctly displays which sides are on through the process, whether intended or not.

I’m trying to determine if there is something corrupt in the installation, for whatever reason? Or is it a compatibility issue with Vera? I’m reluctant to remove the device and pair it again to the Vera Plus because it was a bit of a pain the first time.

Anybody have any experience with this device or brand? I could pair it to a Smart Things hub, but I generally use that for Zigbee duty only.

To follow-up, I moved this device to Smart Things and it works. No fuss, no trouble. It must have been an issue with how Vera communicated with it.

Sorry, I must have missed your post… I have one of these and it’s been working flawlessly in my garage controlling my lighted street number plate as well as my HVAC UV lamp turning them on and off every day. I have not observed what you speak of. I suspect that you maybe switching the main device as opposed to the child devices maybe? I am not sure how to be helpful since I have not experienced any problem with mine.

It was a very strange issue. I went through all the setup instructions from Inovelli several times, deleted the virtual switches and scenes they recommended to be able to control both switches together, and redid it all. Nothing worked and I discovered a ghost device had been created as well. Guessing the setup never fully implemented or something. Very odd that the single control would flip the other switch within 5 seconds. Sometimes, turning off 1 switch would turn off the other switch…after about 5 minutes.
Unfortunately, this has just been the tip of the iceberg with my zwave issues lately. After being solid quite a while, I have been losing sensors weekly, requiring me to reset and repair the devices. My critical devices still work well, so I’m not leaving Vera. Just my Zigbee devices have been moved to Smart Things plus this 1 Zwave switch.

This is very strange. I actually have a handful of dual relays in my setup. Most are these in wall ones from Vision/Monoprice but this Innovelli one seem to include and work exactly the same. If you changed nothing on your network I can only find one thing to blame… the nightly heal… since it is the only thing which can change the topology of your network.
Also when you lose your sensors, is it that they are showing as “cannot detect” but are still working or do they stop working altogether. I have seen several ways this can happen:

  1. Your sensor’s battery is low and is no longer waking up timely or if they do the signal is too weak to make it to the vera consistently.
  2. Even after you change the battery, the nightly heal decided to tag the device as “failed” in zwave terms and the vera apparently doesn’t know to remove that tag when the device comes back unless you reconfigure it.
  3. Your user data file gets corrupted either due to flash memory wear (bad sector or rather flash cell) or by an abusive luup reload causing your device associations to be lost again requiring a reconfiguration which most of us end up doing through a exclude-include process.

The sensors that keep dropping are all battery devices and each is within 20 feet of a plugged in Zwave device, so should have good coverage. A flood sensor was the first sensor to go having a false trip that wouldn’t clear. Made me think my sump pump failed. Lucky I was home to quickly confirm. I reset and repaired and it fixed it.
Second device is a window sensor that also falsely tripped. Multiple wake ups and a new battery fixed it…for a couple weeks.
Third device is a door sensor that did have the battery die on me. I couldn’t get it working again until I reset and repaired it too.did
This whole time, the Inovelli was not working correctly. So far, with it moved off Vera, I’m not seeing issues from the sensors, but I’m continuing to watch them closely.

When you have a battery go out on you, I would advise to restore from your latest backup from before the battery went out. I use a USB dongle so I now can pull it and plug it into a windows pc and verify/remove the failed flag from the zwave radio but on the vera it is either reinclude like you did or at least reconfigure or restore from backup.