Inovelli Zwave 2 Outlet NZW37 Issue

I have had this discontinued device for just over a year and noticed oddities. It is supposed to control 2 outlets individually. This works great on a large bookshelf with lamps on each end. The weird thing is if I turn on the right outlet only, that works perfectly. If I try turning on the left side only, the right side will also pop on shortly after. Doesn’t matter if I use Alexa or the Vera app. I can then turn off the right side and the left will stay on. The Vera app correctly displays which sides are on through the process, whether intended or not.

I’m trying to determine if there is something corrupt in the installation, for whatever reason? Or is it a compatibility issue with Vera? I’m reluctant to remove the device and pair it again to the Vera Plus because it was a bit of a pain the first time.

Anybody have any experience with this device or brand? I could pair it to a Smart Things hub, but I generally use that for Zigbee duty only.