Is there any developer that is not in the "Developers" group?

Hi, everyone

I just want to make sure that I didn’t miss any Developer that has ever published a Vera plugin from adding to the Developers group in order to have access to some limited access Boards.

This might happen if you’re using a different email handler in this forum than the apps portal.

So if you’re a Developer, and have already published at least a plugin in Vera app store, and want to be part of the Dev talks in Developer’s Private Board, please shoot me a PM with your Vera App store email account.

Plus, you’ll get an awesome developer badge on your profile pic :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Richard T Schaeffer still among us?

yeah he drops in now and again , he says he has a lot going on

But not with vera?

You forgot me.

added. you should see the developer group now

Thanks. I have published the Pool Control plugins and will be developing a new one for IntelliCenter when I get some other things done that I am working on.

A-Lurker as well - thanks.

added. thank you.

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