Leviton VRCS4-M0Z - All of my devices disappeared

I’ve been a long time Vera user… Trying to add a second Leviton VRCS4-M0Z scene controller tonight, and all of my z-wave devices disappeared from the UI… All scenes and rooms are visible, but when I try to edit a scene, it shows that there are no devices associated. Any suggestions?

Have you tried restoring from your latest backup? It looks like you reset your zwave network.

Yes. The restore from backup works perfectly. The problem is that every time I try to add the scene controller, all of the devices disappear. Leviton VRCS4-M0Z.

I have a handful of these levitons and have never observed this. What process are you following? What firmware version?

Thanks for digging in! I also have one of these scene controllers already that functions perfectly. I am trying to add this controller for convenience by our entry, but am running into issues.

I am running the latest firmware version. 1.7.4453

The process I am using is to add the scene controller as a “generic Z-Wave device” - I then push the first and third buttons on the scene controller until the button flash amber, then I press the third button to pair. Sometimes the controller gets added, and I go through the prompts for room settings and names, etc… then the device disappears within seconds. Other times, Vera informs me that a Z-Wave device is found, then nothing happens and all of my devices go away.

Update: My inclusion procedure appears to have been incorrect. I read that you were supposed to use the first and third buttons to get the device into pairing mode, then use the third button to pair… This was incorrect. The correct procedure is to use the first and third buttons to get the device into pairing mode and nothing else. The extra step was not necessary, and caused the issues. Thank you for the help!

Glad you figured it out… yeah there should be nothing to do besides waking up the device to pair it after the controller is in inclusion mode.