Location read in Sonos

How would I automate that?

Nobody has a scene where location is spoken in a Sonos device for instance?

check the DNLA plugin from lolodomo which can send texttospeech to a DNLA device like smart TV or Sonos speaker
you can get the location from Iphone plugin and get it “said” through this I suppose

let me know if you get this working :slight_smile:

to make it simple, I use ALTUI plugin and incorporated a “SayTTS” action on the ALTUI device.
it searches for your sonos device and uses the Voice RSS API on the web to do text to speech and requires you register a Key and store it in ALTUI settings.

then I personally use scenes ( or ALTUI workflow ) and call this action

on ALTUI device (#nnn)
Action: SayTTS
Parameters : [{“name”:“newMessage”,“value”:“my message goes here”},{“name”:“newVolume”,“value”:“40”},{“name”:“newGroupDevices”,“value”:""}]

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