Looking for Scene Controllers

Good day all. I am currently using Pico remotes (through the smart bridge) to control scenes in Vera. Unfortunately, there are some limitation with how the remotes talk to the hub and then to Vera that are limiting their usability. Sometimes, there is a 3 second lag between button press to scene execution, and other times, the scene will not fire at all.

I did not invest too heavily in the Picos, so I am more than willing to replace them all. In some cases, there is a neutral wire available, and in other cases, I would need something completely wireless.

Does anyone here have some suggestions for great scene controllers that work well with Vera? Extra bonus if they fit in a decora plate like the pico remotes.


Don’t fit in the wall plate but comes with a mount. Son to support (I think) 12 action…


Has anyone looked into this device?


I can’t find one for sale, but it was certified Zwave in 2018.

i use phillips hue dimmer as a scene controller

I’ve just added a hue dimmer to our Hue system. Noted it shows up in Vera with a huge number of scene trigger. I’ve not tried yet but are you able to assign them all.

Do you leave a hue bulb connected to it or did you remove it ?.


I use Insteon KeypadLincs with Mark Sandler’s Insteon Plug-in and the combination works flawlessly for me. You will also need an Insteon PLM.

The Insteon solution sounds interesting (albeit expensive).

For those of you using the Hue Dimmer, is that local control or does it require cloud access?

These look interesting, but know nothing about them.

Their Zigbee decora remotes look great! Unfortunately, they do not ship to Canada. :frowning:

You could look at the AEOTEC Wallmotes, they come in Duo and Quad.

Am also using the Remotec ZRC-90 very successfully. Has effectively 16 buttons.

Even more than that, now. 4 actions per button. Cracking bits of gear


I am aware of the potential 4 actions, but currently only easily get to click and double-click in the scent trigger. How do you access actions 3 and 4 in Vera? Have you written LUUP code into the scene? Any chance of an example if so?

There is tap, double tap, hold and release (which I guess is not that useful!)

They are all available to the Vera scenes and also Reactor in the sl_CentralScene value when combined with sl_CentralScene updates

Does that help?


Thanks for the response. It partially helps me. I can see that variable, but I am not clear how to use the hold mode, for example, as a trigger in a scene. Do I need to write some LUA (which I am pretty new to, but could try)

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