Lutron Pico Remotes (Latch - unLatch)

Hoping to find a few people with some experience with Lutron Pico remotes. So I have a bunch of these things hooked up to Vera through the smart bridge. I noticed, however, that button pressed are latched. If I hit “Button 4”, then on Vera, that button stays pressed. This becomes a problem when switching between remotes and switches.

Has anyone found a solution,… a way to Unlatch the button press?


Hello all, wanted to bump this topic and add some thoughts.

So I see that every button press on a Pico is registered on Vera. If I push button 2, and then press it again, both of those button presses are recorded. Here is the problem; the button for whatever reason latches in the interface. So if I hit button 2, and then hit it again, while the button press is recorded on the device profile within Vera, that button press is not passed on again as a trigger or whatever.

Let me give an example.

I have a 2 button Pico remote on my wall.
Button 2 - Turns on Washroom Lights
Button 4 - Turns off All Lights.

So in this scenario, if I hit button 2 to turn on the washroom lights, this works, no issues. However, if I then turn off the washroom lights from another switch, I am no longer able to turn them back on from the Pico, because as far as the scene controller is aware, button 2 was ALWAYS pressed and was never unpressed. In order to reset this, I need to press another button on the Pico. Problem being that the other button in questions runs another scene which I may not want run at the time.

Could you use Reactor and a scene updates time? I think someone else was having a similar issue (unless it was you!)


I looked into Reactor to solve this but couldn’t figure it out. What is Scene update time?

I think there’s a SLsceneUpdatesTime variable (or it was discussed in the other thread it may not be applicable to this device)

So reactor could be set to trigger on variable value and the fact that it’s updated in <0.5s (for example)

Not ideal but the inbuilt scene capabilities are somewhat limited.


I think the problem is that the trigger is not being resent to reactor or anywhere else. The button press (while being recognized by Vera) is being kept back.

Take a look at the posted photo. The last button pressed was button 6. Ideally, after it is pressed, it should go back to grey, like the rest. But it doesn’t, it stays blue. Now while I understand this is just a graphical representation, it does help illustrate what is happening. The following button press (if button 6) doesn’t get sent anywhere, despite Vera acknowledging the press itself.

So if you take a look at the next photo, you’ll see that button 6 was pressed twice. But on the second button press, nothing was sent to reactor. I think it because both Old and New are the same in this example. I need to get the keypad to release its old button press somehow. Is there a way I can have Button 1 pressed every time another button is pressed. There is no Button 1 on the keypad to it would essentially be a reset of the keypad button presses every time.

Added some easy instructions for resetting the button press here: Lutron/Caseta Lights - Now that Wink is paid only, Here is how to use a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro with Vera

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