Luup Exit Code 245

This is appearing more frequently in my log, several times a day, for the last few weeks:

Sun, 12 Sep 2010 16:48:23 +1000 - Exit code: 245

Along with a restart of the Luup engine.

It occurs randomly without seeming to be related to any of the logs that precede it. Following it, of course, is the normal Luup startup log output.

What’s causing it, and how do I make it stop?

UI2, 1.0.996, Vera1.

(Edit: I don’t see this happening in UI4 1.1.1047, so with any luck it’s been fixed.)

It will happen from time to time, depending upon the release you’re using. If MiOS “detects” that something is amiss, it will “kill” off everything and cause it to restart.

Technically, it should never need to do this, but it has the above mechanisms to prevent problems resulting from memory leaks, bugs (etc). If they’re occurring very frequently then you can often work out what’s going amiss by [periodically] looking at “top” and working out which bit is leaking memory (most common cause from what I’ve seen)

Over 8 years later and… this seems to be still my first source of luup reloads. It is currently correlated to me upgrading firmware of a network switch. At least it is the case this morning but I often can’t correlate it to anything happening in the house. It is not very frequent, once every few days or weeks. It is not a memory leak, I am far from being out of memory or storage. I have no extensive plugins on the vera either.

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