Manually create volume device for Denon AVR

Since I was having issues with the current Denon plugin, I manually created a dimmer device to control the volume of my Denon S-900W receiver using the instructions from the Mios website. I also found this site that shows some lua code that can be attached to the dimmer device to control the volume. My problem is I am unsure where to add this code and was wondering if someone here would be able to help.

The example lua code I found is here:

Does someone know how I can go about doing this?


Upload the attached implementation files to your Vera…

Then, go to the settings page for the dimmer you created for the AVR, go to the advanced tab, and enter the ip address of your receiver into the “ip” parameter, then place “I_Denon_MainZone_Dimmer.xml” or “I_Denon_Zone2_Dimmer.xml” into the impl_file field… then go to the “new service” tab and then click on “Reload Engine”.

This is cool. I don’t have many problems with the Denton plugin… but I can’t use it within Imperihome - this would solve that.

Can you be a little more detailed on the first step on creating the device? Sounds like you create the device… then add cybrmage’s files for the code?


Sorry for the late reply. I did not actually take this any further as I was able to set up control of my Denon RX by setting up some HTTP commands. I did successfully create the switch using these instructions though:


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