Missing Features From Android 7.40.423

Hi Guys

For a while I stopped worrying about my smart home setup due to work commitments but due to Covid-19 restrictions I find I have some more time on my hands.

I’ve opened the Vera app and found some things I hope someone could help me with. My Z Wave products are the “Aeotec Z-Wave MultiSensor 6” (https://www.smarthome.com.au/aeotec-z-wave-multisensor-6.html) and " Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6" (https://www.smarthome.com.au/aeotec-z-wave-plug-in-smart-switch-6.html).

  1. There doesn’t appear to be any Energy Monitoring/Reporting section for the “Smart Switch 6”. There appears to be an option when logging into Vera on a PC but I can’t see it in the mobile app. I hope the developers make a great energy monitoring section where you can see instant energy usage, usage over a defined time, and even seeing energy usage hour-by-hour on a “day” view. On the “https://www.smarthome.com.au/aeotec-z-wave-plug-in-smart-switch-6.html” page, it shows some Z-wave hub’s version of energy monitoring (I think it’s Samsung SmartThing) and it looks excellent.

  2. In relation to the Multi-Sensor 6 units - If you click on “Devices” and look at the motion sensor section (has a red circle and a person), it shows the battery percentage. Yet when you put that sensor reading on the dashboard, it doesn’t show battery percentage.

  3. On one of my Multi-Sensor 6 units, on the dashboard it shows the motion sensor as “Off” but if you click on the arrow, it shows as “Armed” and for some reason has “0.0 watts 5.5Kwh” under it (but it is battery operated so what’s this about??) and if you go into devices, it shows as “Armed”. I’ve killed the Vera app and re-opened it plus also edited the dashboard and removed it, saved, added it back, saved and still no improvement. On the PC Web-browser based Dashboard, it doesn’t show “0.0 watts 5.5Kwh” and shows as “Armed”.

  1. I quite often get a “No Internet Connection” banner on the top yet I have full strength Wi-Fi and Mobile Data access.

  2. Lastly, is there a way to re-arrange the tiles on a dashboard?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.

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