Nest authentication issue

I have a new Nest thermostat, I can’t authorise it in Vera as it takes me to where I cannot login as I have a Google account. Any ideas on what to do?

It is possible that you migrated your nest account to a google account which from what I understand kills 3rd party access.

Did you have any Nest devices before buying that new thermostat? If you migrated your Nest Account or if you signed up after some time in July or August (when they stopped creating Nest accounts and shifted everything to Google accounts) you won’t be able to authorize the connection to Vera.

Nest sent out an email in July warning not to migrate to a Google account from a Nest account because all integrations would cease to function. Google is changing their policies and from all appearances they want to move away from other devices integrating Nest devices, instead trying to force Google Assistant to be used instead. They seem to not get the many, many things you can’t do if the device isn’t integrated.

Unfortunately the Nest was only purchased a month or so ago, so I was immediately railroaded into making a Google account for it, with no option for Nest. Guess i’m screwed then?

In short yes. This was the reason why I got rid of my nest protects and banned google/nest from my house. I have been gradually replacing all my cloud based integrations as well and am never going back seeing how much more reliable, secure, cheaper and faster it is.

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