nest protect won't authorize

Hi There,
Once again…there is no simple setup up when it comes to plugins and Vera working with other devices.
Bought finally Nest protect after I read that IS working with Vera.
After setup in and installing the plugin…clicking authorize and this is what I get:

“Oops! We encountered an error. Please try again.”

Any suggestions are very well appreciated, because I’m getting close to throw something in the garbage looking like a small black box.
Thank you in advance

Do it.


Lol…Wait till the plugin is better. It’s not a mandatory item in the Vera setup. I noticed it is heavy with resources and luup reloads on the Vera lite. Just my opinion.

Thank you All…decision has been made

I think Nest is having the issue today. That error message is on their page, not Vera’s. I’m in no way defending the WWN plugin, but it is much better than it has been in the past.

EDIT: I went into my Nest account and removed MiOS from my Works with Nest list. I then authorized Vera again and everything started up normally. All my Nest devices are seen again. (Hopefully it will last a while.)

EDITED EDIT: The WWN plugin took a dive again. But so did one of my ZigBee lights, again. Ended up deleting the light and authorizing again. Now I need to replace the ZigBee with something else. Lost the config on this same light twice and I need it to be more reliable.

Something went awkwardly right and my nest protect is now setup in Vera, just before I decided to throw it in the garbage.

My plugin had been stable as well since the removal of my ZigBee bulb.

Looks like Google shut down the Works With Nest program last year

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