New plugin for Beca Energy Heating/Underfloor Heating Thermostats


I got a bit annoyed when Heatmiser EOL’d their range of WiFi heating thermostats, and replaced them with SmartStat and NEO range. For a start the SmartStat can’t be talked to, and the NEO needs an extra hub box, making a purchase of a single thermostat about ?175.

So I found a new Thermostat range from a company called BecaEnergy (, and I found these stats on Amazon (

At just ?54 they seemed like a steal. I wrote to BecaEnergy and asked for the API and they returned it to me in 4 hours ! (blimey!!)

So I bought one, and I leveraged the Heatmiser plugin created by @racarter (thanks Alan! ;D) to create a BecaEnergy Plugin.

The functionality is not as rich as the Heatmiser (basic by comparison) - but reporting ambient temp, setting a Set Point Temperature, and changing Modes - what more do you need?

It works great. Let me know if anyone wants it.


I?m new in Vera and own too a compatible Beca Energy Chinese thermostat , mine is not the original from beca but a rebranded model SML-1000GDW.
You can see it here :

Will be awesome if can integrate on any Home Automation System.
Can you provide all the info about the beca api you said and how you build the plugin for Vera and how can we do it to port to other systems (like Openhab, Home Assistant, etc…).

Thank you !

i Need Thank You

Sorry guys. Didn?t get a notification about your posts. If you still want these files Pm me. Thx.

I’m also interested in this. Can’t PM you since I just registered, but hopefully you see this and can PM me. Btw, was any NDA given for this? Otherwise, it would probably be great if it could be distributed over github so other people can build integrations with it.

Hello @mbarne36

I am not able to send you PM or email, however I hope you will be able to send it to me :slight_smile:

Could you send your plugin and Beca Energy API documentation? :slight_smile:


I would also like to see this documentation. Next time maybe just post it to the thread?


Edit: Just got it myself:

Greetings @mbarne36

Would you be so kinf and send your plugin and Beca Energy API documentation? :slight_smile:


Hello, please would you send me the API documentation?
I have yet to receive it from Beca after requesting it last week.


Edit: just seen the attachment, thank you!

Hello! I’m still in time to ask you to send me the plugin and the documentation for the BECA ENERGY Thermostat?
I’d really apreciate.


I have just found this thread. I have just bought a version of the Beca wifi underfloor heating thermostat under another brand name (Does) and would very much like a copy of the is plugin. Since I am new to the forum I cannot PM so if @mbarne36 or anyone else who received a copy could contact me and let me have it I would be very grateful. (I think newbies can be PMed tho’ not PM). Thanks

Could you help me how I can get the plugin?
please. (14.6 KB)

Here you go everyone…


Is there any order to upload files into Vera?

Not usually


No… just create an HVAC_Thermostat device, upload the files in any order, and config the device like this;

(don’t forget to put the right IP address into the Advanced page)

this is what you should see in the device page;

I have created the device.
A thermostat is displayed but I can not control the Beca Thermostat.
Can anybody check my settings in attached pics?

Can anyone help me?

I have several Beca Thermostats and it would be great to have them running on my Vera Edge system.
I have manually created a device and following chaged category to 5 and subcategory to 1 as HVAC device. Json file included in “Advanced menu”, inclded IP (I have fixed IP) and reload luup.

Unfortunatelly I have com problems. in the Control page of the new HVAC devide, there is this message: COMM FAIL.
IP is correct. dont know how to make it run.

Can you please help me?
Its happening the same as @Alireza44907 (Did you fixed it?)

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