New to Vera - my ambitions for Vera



The Vera Edge is being delivered today.

I have a lot of zwave and a couple of Hubs worth of Hue plus the normal bunch of other stuff.

I am looking to moving part of HA from a Pc based system to an appliance, specifically the Heating and Hot Water system following a catastrophe PC hardware failure.

I liked the way Hue as an independent Hub gave my some fault tolerance but the heating system died.

I found an arrival where he used Vera, Imperihome to run the heating systems.

I have 8 spirit TVRs, a Secure SSR302 (need to check) dual channel Heating/Hot Water Controller with 10 Secure SR321 (and variations of) that are associated as external temperature sensors.

Hopefully by adding PLUG (? To Vera) that will enable the logic to control just the heating.

Convert a slack handful of Amazon Fire tablets to Heating controls using ImperiHome, around the house.

I’ll then look at a way to communicate with my existing pc based system to give it overall control.

I am troubled by the reports on these forums about how bad Vera is managing thermostats etc.

Any ideas thoughts suggestions?

Much appreciated


As far as setting temperature you should be fine as long as you don’t use it for direct control of heating components. I don’t recommend Vera for critical things. Temperature control should be local between the thermostat and the heat device or valve. There are a number off thermostats that work with Vera.

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The Spirit TRVs and Secure SR321 Thermostats all added fine.

About to add the Heating Controller SSR302 now for Heating/Hot Water control.

The I plan to associate each SR321 Thermostat to each Spirit TRV then just use Vera to change set points on the Spirit TRVs for Day/Night/Away/Holiday modes

Then setup a SetPoint Variable for each zone (room)
At change mode point - Day/Night/Away/Holiday change the variables to target set points.
Then on variable change write set points to Spirit TRVs.

Then set up a trigger for any room actual temp is below room set point and set Heating Demand to True.

Upon variable change Heating Demand check variable HeatingAvailable (set to false while heating up hot water) turn on heating.

Do the same for any that exceeds set point with a 2 degree variation.

Oh and a timer for Hot Water.

Hopefully then if this is all I expect from Vera it can do it reliably.