Not able to change hue color from vera

so for some reason in the update hue devices are not able to change color from the vera device … it works in altui but not UI7

found the problem from althe4 the SetColorRGB= 0,255,77 (turns the light green)
from UI7 it is sent as SetColorRGB= R0,G255,B77 (so nothing executes)

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its actually not sending anything from the main device on the vera page when you change the color

I have fixed this in v 1.47 on github
I support both format now
let me know

will test it

Any update on this? I still have this issue.

Seems to work OK for me in the Vera UI7 Web GUI.

I just tested changing colours of a Phillips Hue Led light strip and it worked and the colours changed OK.

works for me

Either you use the wrong version or the problem is different

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