Notifications that can't be turned off

Every time someone locks or unlocks one of the doors in the house (Kwikset Smart locks) I get a notification from Vera. I don’t need all that. There are no notifications turned on for any of the devices, and they aren’t triggers for any of them. Has anyone else experience anything like this? How do I figure out where it is coming from and how do I stop it?

Just to be sure, did you check your settings User & Account info/Notification Settings?

Would Love to know how to turn off the “Device Change” Alerts on Security devices such as Motion and Reactor devices.

Users and Account Info > Notifications Settings > Security

Thanks for the reply Patrick.
I do have [Security Alert (such as door/window sensor, motion sensor, door lock, etc.)] Unchecked.
I still see the Alerts:
Date/Time Description Source Type
02-10-2019 4:27:37 PM Stair Motion Sensor Stair Motion Sensor Device changed …
02-10-2019 4:26:31 PM Stair Motion Sensor Stair Motion Sensor Burglary

I have not tried disarming.

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