On\Off Light Switch that works with LED

Any recommendations for a on\off light switch that works with an LED strip light


What type of circuit, location, where is the led striplight contoller, what type of strip light?

Hello Thanks for the reply
located in the garage with two wires going to the switch, I have connected a Fibaro fgs211 dimmer to it, it switches on ok but when I go to switch the light off it flickers

  • Energy efficient and long-life LED technology. Providing a cool white (4000K) colour of light at 8,000 lumens of output

  • Optimal performance with wide 110 degree beam angle for great light coverage. Fixing accessories and LED driver included. 2 year guarantee for peace of mind

  • Lamp Type: 70W SMD LED (Integrated). Cool White 4000K. Lumens: 8000

  • Dimensions: 1800mm Length x 66mm Projection x 59mm Width

Sounds to me like the led driver is not dimmable/compatible, do you have a link to the item specs?

Thanks, I wasnt that bothered about dimming I just want to turn it on and off, its just that I had a spare Fibaro dimmer about, but I wasn’t trying to use the dimmer function just on and off

That model is non dimmable you would need to change the driver to make it dimmable.

ok thanks, any recommendations on a simple on off module that will work with the LED strip light, thanks

Any on/off insert,


Or may be a shelly

Just replace the dimmer insert

ok thanks, so just a normal relay connected to a momentary switch will work like the one I have ordered for my garage door control thank you

Sorry for all the questions “just replace the dimmer insert” you mean the one I have already fitted?

Yes, get another insert, like the garage door one. Then remove the dimmer insert and fit the new one. With the Qubino you can configure what type of switch it works with.

Brilliant, thanks

Ok so I have ordered another Qubino Flush 2 Relay ZMNHBD1
I have taken the switch off the wall and there are only two wires to the switch see below

I have read the manual but it seems unclear as to where I connect the two wires on to the Qubino

suggestions would be a appreciated


Show the fibaro dimmer.


will continue here . show us the connections in the strip light, as the qubino can go there.

i need to see the wires where the light is going to go.

ok give me 5 I need to go and take the cover off the one on the ceiling

the 3 red wires in the blue tape go to L
from the 2 balck wires go to N
Then remove the one black with red sleeve and that goes to L1 on qubino.
Run a new red or brown wire from where you removed black wire with red sleeve, to q1.

you may want to make a small hole in fitting to poke the qubino ariel out of, as it case may cause radio issues being inclosed in metal.

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