OpenLuup communication

How do you call a plugin installed on openluup, from vera?

Or mirror on vera.

is the only way to http request?

Several ways to read your question, so it depends exactly what you mean.

Plugins on openLuup, indeed everything, should act in the same way as those on Vera. So yes, to call an action you can make a standard HTTP request, which you can also do if the plugin has any user-defined handlers. Child devices (if any) created by the plugin should also be able to receive appropriate requests (if the plugin handles that case.)

However, if there are some key parameters/device variables on an openLuup device which you’d like to be mirrored back to a Vera device, then you can do that using the AltUI data push provider which the bridge has registered there. From the openLuup documentation:

Mirroring individual device variables from openLuup to Vera

Any openLuup device variable may be ‘mirrored’ to any bridged Vera. That is, a variable on a remote Vera device can actively track the value of a local variable.

Each instance of the VeraBridge plugin registers itself with AltUI as a Data Storage Provider with a name of the form Vera@xxx.xx.xx.xx where the ‘x’s represent the IP address of the remote Vera.

Simply going to AltUI’s Device > Variables pane you can select to watch any variable by clicking on the ‘graph’ button, selecting the appropriate Vera to push the data to and enter the device number (on the remote machine) where you want that variable to be mirrored.

A device number on its own means that the current variable’s serviceId and name will be used on the remote machine. Alternatively the following syntax may be used to force a specific serviceId / name:

device.serviceId.variable (eg. 42.urn:something:serviceId:newservice.NewName) device..variable (eg. 42..NewName to retain existing serviceId)

If you can describe a bit more what you’re trying to do, then there may be even better ways to accomplish that.

I am just experimenting.

How would you call VeraAlexa to Say “hello world”

can i call a luup action with the id from openluup, on vera, or am i limited to http?

other than installing reactor/pleg and doing all my logic in openLuup.

Sorry, no idea… I don’t know anything about Alexa.

Yes. Vera doesn’t even know it is bridged to openLuup. There is no openLuup code runing on Vera itself.

PLEG does not run under openLuup. Reactor, on the other hand, certainly does, because that’s where it was developed.

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