Pairing Zigbee SmartThings water leak sensor-Any success?

I have been unable to pair the SmarthThings leak sensor ( It is zigbee, and i try to pair in zigbee mode, but no luck.
Anyone have any luck or should I send them back?

My setup:
Running Version 1.7.1786


It’s not on Vera’s list for Zigbee devices so chances are it will not work.

Thanks. Such a bummer. They should remove the Zigbee support from the product since there are so few reported. So frustrating.

Well, I have added ST power outlet, motion sensor, multi sense ( door sensor ), and presense working ok. Multi sense does only as door sensor , temp sensor not working. After I added motion sensor, I need to modify device_type, device_file, and device_json to MotionSensor1

So, I have a few Smarthings water sensors. They DO add in successfully, but are listed as “Generic Zigbee Device”. You can see the temperature and status by looking at the “Advanced” “Variables” tab for the device. The relevant info to me is the “Tripped” field and the “CurrentTemperature” variable. I wish I could do more with it.

Sorry to revive an old topic, but I recently bought this unit and paired it with Vera and it immediately paired up on first try and added a Flood Sensor and Temperature Sensor device. It also seems to function just fine.

Really? Is it the same one i linked to at the top? Did you discover as a generic device or what? Thanks!

Sorry, I actually bought the newer (and cheaper) model of this device. It is still SmartThings Samsung and ZigBee. Here is the link

Yes, when I initiated the discovery (from my Android app), I just asked it to add a generic ZigBee device.

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