Plug In for Government Weather Feeds

Says it all, .BOM has a excellent feed for Australia complete with Radar.
Most if not all other Government Agencies would have similar.
Has anyone a solution ?

I know at least one user has made a SiteSensor recipe for the Swedish weather bureau’s feed. I use it as one of my standard test cases. It would not be difficult to keep a library of pasteable configurations.

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That’s great if you have programming skills, many users here don’t and rely on knowledgeable persons (like yourself) to cobble something together.
In the case of site sensor, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I just deployed a “Recipes” feature to the SiteSensor stable branch version on Github. It lets you load someone’s prepackaged SiteSensor solution. You can also package solutions you create.

I’d be happy to look at the AUS feed for you.

That’s a very generous offer, there is a HASS Integration which I can’t get working (that shows you my level of expertise) could this help?

BOM - HASS Integration

I looked at the BoM site. The Hass implementation clouds the issue (no pun intended), as I’d have to reverse engineer their code and probably end up just having to look at the BoM specs for the output anyway. But…

No good for SiteSensor… the API response is XML. Alas, no XML handling in SiteSensor.

Edit: Hold up… they’ve got something JSON… looking…

Maybe this might be something for the HASS Plug In?

Can you PM me you lat/lon?

Done :slight_smile:


You can get the observation json data with an URL like

Where the IDQ60801 and 94566 values indicate the weather station. To find those go to, select you province at the right top, then under observations, XXX Latest observations. Search for the station you want to use and click that for these two identifiers. You can also scroll down and get the json link.

Cheers Rene

We’re working on exactly that in private chat. We’ll publish the solution when @zedrally gets it working on his end.

I tried with Finnish Meteorology Institute (FMI) data, works ok.

Here is the recipe:

  1. Go to and select your weather station. Copy FMISID number.

  2. Form url by where XXXXXX is the FMISID. When accessing the URL following data is available in JSON:

Precipitation1h	[…]
WindDirection	[…]
t2m	[…]
SnowDepth	[…]
Humidity	[…]
DewPoint	[…]
WindSpeedMS	[…]
Visibility	[…]
WindGust	[…]
Pressure	[…]
TotalCloudCover	[…]
SnowDepth06	[…]
MinimumTemperature	[…]
rrday	[…]
MaximumTemperature	[…]

Note that the ones with […] are arrays. t2m is temperature and rrday is amount of precipitation

  1. Set the url in SiteSensor and get your selection of data from response. For example latest values:
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