Problem with loadlevelstatus


OK, so I noticed a strange problem yesterday. Here we go;

I have a virtual dimmer which control two ikea spot dimmers. Previously I’ve just had them programmed to virtual switch = 1, dimmers = 1. Now, I wanted to change them to be able to dim from the VS. So I change the programming from on/off of to loadlevelstatus.

If I then set the VS to, lets say, 57%, the dimmers change to 57% as well as it should (by getting the dim on the VS from an expression)… but only for like 1 sec, then they switch off. I don’t have any automation to turn them off, they just do by themselves.

It works if I have the programming turn them on, then change the load level on the dimmer afterwards. Here they stay on at the right dim.

Any ideas?


I found the problem. I had a false activity which turned the lights off… I feel so dumb for not noticing it right away :joy:

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