Push Notifications Issues

I have a few devices with push notifications activated, 2 iPhone XS and 1 11 Pro Max. Push notifications work fine for any configured notifications ie. notification if a switch is turned on and off. The issue I’m having is the push notifications aren’t working for notifications based on house modes ie. if a motion detector detects motion when in night mode. I have double checked that the correct users are being notified and oddly enough only the 11 Pro Max (my device) receives these notifications. On the 2 XS iPhones the notifications don’t appear. I have deleted the app and restarted the phones, logged in and out, turned push notifications on/off but nothing has helped. All the phones are running the exact same iOS app as well.

Hi Pabla,

The default behaviour of the sensors in Home and Night mode is to NOT send notifications for Motion sensors. However, you should be able to override this with a tap on the Custom slider.

Not sure about why it’s sending notifications on one of the devices, unless you have a specific scene on that device or some custom house mode settings. If you can’t figure this out maybe the customer care can have a look.

Yes I forgot to add that my modest are set to custom and to notify me along with the other two devices

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