Reactor "Days" Interval

Hi there - I have an interval condition where days is set as “2” - in the status it is listed as “Interval: every 2 days (relative to 19:15); delay reset for 900 secs” and in the logic summary report it is described as "interval { “type”: “interval”, “options”: { “holdtime”: 900 }, “mins”: 0, “id”: “condfl3gudm”, “hours”: 0, “days”: 2, “basetime”: “19,15” }; delay reset for 900s [1564881300 => 1564967700 at 19:15:00; F/F as of 19:15:01/19:30:01] "

The issue is that it appears to be true every single day at 7:15pm rather than every other day at 7:15pm. I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong but don’t know what. I just want the condition to be True every other day at 7:15pm for 900 seconds. What am I missing?

No, you’re doing it right. That’s a bug. Give me a bit to straighten it out and I’ll put together a hotfix. I’m a bit swamped at the moment with a family matter.

OK @wmichael3 , I’ve got a fix for this, and I’m testing it now, but as you can imagine, for a proper test, I can’t make time move faster, and the longer I test and the more punishment I deliver during the test (editing config, reloading Vera, etc. none of which should disrupt the schedule) the better.

So my question to you, then, is do you want to wait my testing out, or do you want to be a test subject?

Thanks so much for looking into this. I get it - I first noticed this problem some time ago but it took a while to confirm for the same reason - and also that it is joined to several other conditions. I’d be willing to give it a try for you if you want - knowing that it would be a while before I could confirm a fix.

OK. I’m re-running all of my automated tests one final time, which takes about an hour, and then I’ll publish this version to the Github “stable” branch. I’ll let you know when that’s done, and post update instructions.

OK. Download this version of L_Reactor.lua by right-clicking this link and choosing “Save Link As…” (or your browser’s closest equivalent). Then upload the file to your Vera using the uploader at Apps > Develop apps > Luup files.

I’ll know for sure at 8am tomorrow if a multi-day test is working, but so far it’s looking good–it hasn’t fired early. Hopefully this goes better for you as well.

Well last evening it did not fire - looking good so far.

My expected 8am fired right on time this morning… so far so good…

And it did fire this evening - so appears to be working correctly. Thanks again!