Reactor lockout

We currently have an internet outage and I noticed lights and local automation is not working. When I log into Vera I noticed that all reactors have a lock out, I assume this is some safety mechanism, but how to reset it and disable it if required ?

The lockout occurs when your Vera reloads more than 10 times in 15 minutes. You should figure out why your system is reloading so much, ideally, but if you just want to move past it, you can do any of the following:

  1. If the reloads have resolved themselves, wait for fifteen minutes (without any reloads) and then (somewhat ironically) reload Luup again.
  2. Set the state variable rs on the Reactor master device to “0” (zero). And reload Luup.

I know some folks use the various Ping and NetMon plugins to check for internet access, and reboot/reload when there’s a loss of connectivity in an attempt to eliminate local problems as the cause–that’s fine, just make sure you have some reasonable hysteresis (delays and tolerance checks).

Hello, I am also experiencing the same issue. I’m a bit new to Vera (came from Wink) and don’t know how to figure out what is causing this problem. I’ve tried searching on this forum, but I’m afraid that I’m using the wrong terminology in my searches.

I’ve tried rebooting my Vera few times to no avail. I do not have any alerts on my dashboard so I’m not sure what is causing the problem.

Any advice?


Which is the problem? That you have Reactors on lock out or that local lights etc are not working?

If it’s the former, you need to go into a locked out Reactor sensor and see if it’s complaining about something.


So originally it was just the reactor sensor that was locked out. This morning I woke up and now ALL of my Zigbee devices are not responding. All of my Zigbee thermostats have a warning saying ‘Cant Detect Device’.

I tried soft rebooting, but the problem persists.

Looking at the logs, I see a lot of Red, but I’m not sure what it all means.

I’ve also tried restoring to a previous backup and still ALL of my Zigbee devices are not responding.

I can’t speak to the ZigBee problem. The Reactor lockout is caused by the system reloading (or rebooting) more than 10 times in a 15-minute period (default settings; they can be changed but probably should not be). Obviously, reloads and reboots can be caused by nefarious things happening on the box, so when Reactor responds with a lockout, you really do need to invest the time to figure out what is causing the reloads. Even if Reactor’s lockout were disabled, your box would still be doing wrong, and it would affect scene performance, UI response, etc.

Unfortunately, Vera reloads a lot when you’re working in the UI. Other things that can quietly cause a lot of reloads in a short period of time while you are working include:

  1. Editing several scenes;
  2. Renaming several devices (when done one-at-a-time through the devices’ control panels–there are other ways where you can avoid the reloads);
  3. Changing the assigned room of several devices (when done one-at-a-time through the devices’ control panels);
  4. Including or excluding devices;
  5. Luup modifying child devices (e.g. it is often reported that sub-sensors on some multisensors will sometimes vanish and reappear later with a different device number, causing havoc with scenes, Lua, and anything else that knows the sub-device by number, but also causing at least two reloads in the process);
  6. Changing other settings, such as controller name, location, timezone, etc.
  7. Installing or removing plugins, updating plugins (which can occur spontaneously), or creating a new device instance of a plugin;
  8. Many plugins start a reload whenever you change their settings (or require you to do it manually)–plugins that create/delete child devices in particular, but even simpler “singletons” (one device plugins) that just require a reload to make settings change take effect.

Sounds, though, like you have something really bad going on with the ZigBee devices. I see you’ve posted in another thread, so hopefully one of the community’s subject matter experts in that area responds for you.

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Cheers thanks. Looking forward to replies on the other thread.

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