Reactor Plug in Notification limit and button to toggle notification on or off


In setting reactor notifications

  1. is there a way to put intermittent notification? like i can set after 3 continues notification it will temporary stop for 5mins. and set limit on number of notification sent for that day for that specific reactor device.

  2. also is it possible to have a toggle interface like arming and disarming the notification of a specific reactor device so iif it is disarmed, it will not notify and armed will notify. the toggle interface im looking for can appear in mobile app. so it will be easy access.

thank you

  1. I’d guess there are a couple of ways to do this, but ‘sustained for’ might be the simplest
  2. If you use a virtual switch, you can access that in the app.

Someone else will have some much better ideas in a while, but I like to set the bar low :wink:


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