Reactor: storing LoadLevel

Hi all,

I want to store the load level of a dimmer, and I want to restore the value at the end of the triggering of the sensor (think of it like flashing a light, only I want to restore the dimming level to the level that was present before the sensor tripped). I made an expression storing the loadLevel into a variable, but it seems this value is updated dynamically, how do I store the initial value of this so that I can set it back before I leave?

Create an expressionless variable into which you store the current dimming value in the Activities section of your Reactor sensor, so that when it goes true and the actions occur, that value gets saved. At the very end of the Activities group, you can use that value again to set the LoadLevel of the device.

thanks, that worked. Now, if only I can figure out why only of the 2 users shows up as “vera native” under notify…

Cool. And yeah, saw your separate post about Users not showing up, but must defer to @rigpapa who actually knows answers to such things. :slight_smile:

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