Reboot vera if no internet

Nowadays, I’m struggling with the chrismast light diseaster that affects everyone. My vera lost connection always. What should be my strategy to make reboot my vera if there is no internet connection or there is no connection o the LAN?

On my Vera Secure, I have to hold the reset button in for 30 seconds and after releasing all but the power light will go out. Then unplug and wait 5 seconds to plug the power back in… The controller reboots and regains network connectivity. This works for the Vera Secure. I’m not sure about the other controllers. It is very frustrating. I hope the fix is released soon.

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Thanks for your suggestion I will try but what about a script that check internet and if not exist make the vera reboot.

Unfortunately this has been the nightmare that has haunted us all since the upgrade. There have been several people ask support to downgrade their firmware. I am trying to wait for the fix… Hopefully somebody is working on it.

Have you got tickets raised with support?


@Catman I do… Support worked with me for over a week and then said i could either downgrade firmware or wait it out. I’m hoping a fix gets released soon. My ticket is still open so I can ask them to downgrade if nothing gets released in the next couple weeks.

@asuz I recommend submitting a ticket as well. The more tickets they get for this particular issue the better. I’m sure the developers would appreciate access to multiple controllers with the same symptoms to pin point the problem.

@rlargent blimey, If our Vera was out for that long Mrs Catman would be long gone! :wink:


@Catman LOL!!! yep, Mrs. rlargent is not happy with me at the moment. She doesn’t understand why i keep resetting the system.

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I have got 4 vera unit and all have different symptoms against the last firmware. Thanks support to help whenever I need but it seems better way is to wait the fixed firmware.

Thanks to @rigpapa for helping me with a work around.
Enabling the 5G wifi seems to have made the controller more stable.
I just enabled then turned off the broadcast ssid so i didn’t have to see it.
Now it seems to reconnect to the cloud if there’s a network blip.

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OK, I will try that temporary solution.

I have a script that reboots my vera every day. Seems to work better because of it.

If you had the PING plugin you could check for internet connectivity, and then run os.execute(“reboot”) to reboot your vera if it trips.

I also have a scene that cuts power to my router and then turns it back on after 30 seconds.

Good idea, will try

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