Recommend a Sensor for a Wired Input

I have a wired door magnet contact sensor that I want to implement with Vera. Can someone who uses external wired contacts give me the model sensor they use? Zwave or Vera Protocol works on my unit.
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I use Everspring SM103 door contact sensors they also have an internal connector for external contacts.

Fibaro door sensors also have an internal binary input amongst a few others like Vision ones.

Not sure about US devices however.

I used to re-purpose a couple of switch with a relay as triggers, but the latest fw seems to not managed short press very good, so I replaced them with Shelly (wifi devices).

Anyway, I still have the garage door under a wireless door sensor (anyone is OK), where I soldered my inputs to the internal board. This is a very cheap route to follow.

Can someone tell me what device variable under the advanced settings determines the ‘loop’ monitored by Vera on 2gig sensors? please see below

I asked the Vera tech support the following:
I am unable to configure the 2gig DW10 sensor using the external wired loop. I have over ten of these DW10’s installed in my home using the standard magnet and they work great on Vera. I have one using an external magnet connected to the wired dry contact and cannot monitor it. It works fine with my 2gig alarm panel however it is setup using the standard magnet ‘loop 2’ and the wired connection is considered ‘loop 1’ on the alarm panel.

Tech support reply: we only test devices with their standard configuration

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