Release Notes - RTOS Firmware (Atom & PlugHub) v 8.465

Today we’re releasing the RTOS (Ezlo Real Time Operating System) with the following functionality:

  • Ezlo VOI

Ezlo VOI ™ (Voice Orchestration Infrastructure) is a patent pending platform that enables you to control any device connected to voice assistants like Alexa or Google to do stuff for you. What that means is now with Vera app you can “CONTROL EVERYTHING”. But that’s not all, the magic is that you can now create scenes having all the triggers from the VeraMobile app, including the devices paired with your controller and perform actions on devices that are controlled by Alexa or Google - amazing, right?

Just to give you an example you can set up a scene where if motion is detected (z-wave motion sensor) or is sunset tell Alexa to turn ON the entrance light (Philips Hue connected to Alexa).

*Please note that for accessing Ezlo VOI feature you will need the latest BETA mobile apps that you can get by doing the enrolment in the Beta program: Early Beta - Local Access Phase 1.

If you are already a Beta tester you can just update to the latest version of the Android and iOS apps.


  • Bug fixes and improvements on creating scenes that are triggered by other devices and use scene controllers as triggers in scenes.

Newly integrated devices:

  • Intermatic HA05 Screw In Lamp Module (No DPW)
  • Intermatic CA3500 Split-Duplex Receptacle (No DPW)
  • Jasco 45602WB Smart Lighting Control Lamp Module

Newly integrated devices with known issues:

  • GE In Wall Smart Switch ZW4005 / 14291 (No DPW)
  • Jasco Slim Smart Door/Window Sensor ZW6305 (No DPW)
  • Philio PST02-B Slim Multisensor

Known issues on newly integrated devices:

  • Inconsistency for GE In Wall Smart Switch ZW4005 / 14291 icon on iOS app.
  • Issue on Jasco Slim Smart Door/Window Sensor ZW6305 where scenes with “battery level goes below x %” are not triggering.
  • Issues on Philio PST02-B Slim Multisensor where scenes with “battery level goes below x %” are not triggering.

Other known issues:

  • Issue with no events being generated when tampering a security sensor.
  • Issue with armed and tripped leak / flood sensors don’t notify users
  • Issue with the controller resetting to factory defaults after multiple actions that are causing a crash.
  • possible issue with devices or devices settings that get lost after this firmware upgrade

Oh, come on, flood sensors still don’t generate notifications?!? At this point you should remove flood sensors from your supported device list for the Atom.

I am literally watching flooded houses on TV right now in the southern US and imagining someone with an atom and a flood sensor who went to work thinking “if the flood sensor goes off, I can get home before the water gets in the house” and then drives up to their new swimming pool/ living room.

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