Release Notes - RTOS Firmware ( Atom & PlugHub) v. 8.472

We’re glad to announce that today we released a new RTOS v. 8.472 for our Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub:


  • Improved speed and performance for scenes execution and controlling devices.
  • Improved migration of devices during the firmware upgrade process.
  • Optimization of lua processing in terms of allocated memory
  • Performance and memory optimization that allows adding and working better with a bigger number of connected devices.


  • Bug fixes and improvements on creating scenes that are triggered by other devices and use scene controllers as triggers in scenes.
  • Fixed the issue with the controller resetting to factory defaults after multiple actions that are causing a crash.
  • Fixed the issue with device names being lost lost after the firmware upgrade, by improving the ‘migration’ flow of the existing devices during the upgrade process.
  • Fixed the issue on door locks where the pin codes scanning process (getting the list of pin codes) was causing memory crashes
  • Fixed the issue on the cloud side with no events being generated when tampering a security sensor

Known issues:

  • Issue with not being able to set and get Pin codes and delays when getting the list of pin codes set on a door lock.
  • Issue with incorrect sunset time for scene with different from the default timezone (EST)
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