Release Notes - Vera Mobile iOS v3.26

Hello guys,
A new update is here! Our Vera 3.26 iOS App is now live.
The main focus of this release was improving app stability and offering support for iOS13.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed geofence issues on iOS13
  • Fixed an issue that affected Atom enrolment on iOS13
  • Fixed issue were alerts timestamps where displayed with UTC timezone
  • Fixed issues related to “Who to notify?” section from preset modes
  • Fixed a crash that appeared when using window covers in scenes
  • Fixed a random crash affecting My Account section from Services
  • Fixed a random crash that happened when opening the app from background

As always, the feedback we receive from our customers is highly appreciated, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at
Thank you!

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I still have buttons disabled for roller shutters

Some device got them correctly, some not.

This seems ‘brave’…


the “open” button on the blinds still doesn’t work and the philio pan06 modules continue to appear as generic switches logo instead of the lamp icon.

the more they tweak the app, the worse it gets

The update installed on my iPad but won’t install on my iPhone. The iPhone has TestFlight for the Atom beta program. Could TestFlight be blocking the update to IOS V 3.26?

Geofencing is still not working well. Missing entrances and exits, or seeing them hours later. When I had the app open when traversing the fence, it would execute the arrival/exit scene twice. Once for the open app and once for the background process maybe? Definitely more work is needed.

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