Roller shutter on Alexa?

If you login to vera site and before selecting a controller of you click on the top right menu and select Alexa Devices, we can see the roller shutters included in it. Does that mean we can somehow control the rollers from Alexa?

I have tried, alexa does not see them.

I suspect it’s a bug, because they share the same ui as google home, that has this support.

The Vera Alexa hasn’t changed in the latest year and unfortunately this need work at their server side implementation.

I was very happy when i saw them, right now i use Alexa routines to control a scene that open, and another one for closing, it is not practical and lags a lot…
I hope they add this support…

Looking at the plugin code, it will work with dimmers. If you really want it, you can define virtual ones. Only position will work, no up/down direct control. I’ve not tried it, but I suspect this route will work.

Just define a virtual dimmer, that will send its values to the corresponding shutter via HTTP call. You can also try @rigpapa Submasters if you want to define a virtual device that is able to control a group of dimmers. Roller Shutters implement Dimmer’s service, so this should work.

i tried it, but it is for HTTP devices, i thought it can connect to the roller shutter in a way and show among Alexa devices?

yes, you can call a Vera device like this:

Put this into SetBrightnessURL.

where 321 is your device ID. It works for me (locally) - but I’ve not tried with Alexa. I use it to trigger scenes for groups (using virtual binary lights, but that’s very similar)

do i need to replace the %s with the value? for example 0 to fully open and 100 to fully close?

nope, it will be replaced dinamically. if you want to provide on/off, just use:


replace your ID accordingly.

Many thanks, i will try that, i hope they will show as Alexa devices…!

I tried it but it didn’t work, i put the roller shutter device number in the SetPowerURL and the SetPowerOffURL, but nothing changed when i tried to turn on/off the new virtual device??

you should use a dimmer, it makes more sense.

I’m controlling my window coverings with Alexa like this:

  • Created a manually triggered scene on Vera named “Alexa Open Roman Shades”. In the scene, it commands the shades to open.

  • Created a routine on Alexa which is triggered by saying “Alexa Open Roman Shades”. That routine turns on my Vera scene of the same name.

Repeated this for other window coverings. I use this kind of approach for other things that the Vera skill won’t do as well.

I am doing the same but it is slow … after i ask Alexa it takes around 10 seconds for the blinds to start rolling…

please forgive me as I might be barking up the wrong tree…
if it works with google and not alexa (that’s how i am understanding what @therealdb has written), would VOI help by allowing you to control it via Google?

Get Started with VOI
VOI - Alexa Commands list and examples
VOI - Google Commands list and examples

possibly, but there may be an issue as i beleive alexa will ask for a pin code for doorlocks, alarm sensors and window openings.

Would be nice if Ezlo spent some time ungrading the vera alexa skill, then the issue would be fixed.

Also you would need a VOI compatible contoller.

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While I appreciate the VOI platform, most of us can’t run production system with developing firmware. That’s unfortunate that current generation of firmware is left behind and basic features, promised to us years and years ago, will not make it. And that we have to search for workarounds.

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@therealdb one solution could be the ability to “group” our controllers…
So you get an Ezlo Atom for example we might be able to allow them to operate as “one” as a group. This way you can take advantage of all the new capabilities new platform offers while still using the legacy system.
We are working on this “grouping” capability and hoping to launch it soon.

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Great. A problem I have is that atom is not yet available in Europe, but I got your point.

I will make sure you have an European based Atom. Please do register for Atom v2 beta (which comes with European version)

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